Hot-Water Extraction

The perfect combination of high-pressure water and powerful vacuum that work simultaneously

Removes deeply embedded dirt and odor while preventing re-soiling

After shampooing the carpet to loosen the soil particles, extraction cleaning is recommended to remove them and any excess cleaning solution that was used. While this method has been around for years, the technology and machines deployed today are way more advanced. At Rohei, we have a set of high-quality extraction cleaning equipment that only utilises toxic-free chemicals.

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Our Hot-Water Extraction Cleaning Equipment

The machine injects the cleaning agent at high-pressure into the carpet. Simultaneously, the high suction vacuum retrieves the loosen soil particles, water and cleaning solution, leaving a clean carpet that is free of infectious bacteria.

Benefits of Hot-Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

– Remove dust mites and allergens that can cause health issues

– Deep cleaning method that is more effective that removing stains and odors than ordinary surface cleaners

– Leaves no residue and prevent re-soiling

Create a healthy environment for you and your co-workers

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